Apothic Inferno Wine

by Liz Caruso

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Close your eyes. Okay, now you can’t read this, so open your eyes again. Envision yourself sitting by a crackling camp fire, on a crisp fall evening, with the scent of steaks searing on the grill. You just returned from a hike and are looking forward to a dinner flamed to perfection and accompanied by a relaxing adult beverage. Your companion is ready to pull out the bottle of whiskey, but you were hoping for something a little more refined. Good news, Apothic Inferno was created for exactly this moment.

{I received a sample of Apothic Inferno to try but my opinions are 100% my own.  May contain affiliate links.}

Apothic Inferno

One of the things that I enjoy most in the Apothic brand is how it elicits a feeling, a memory of a perfect point in time. Apothic Red brings me back to a girl’s weekend on Cape Cod. The house was filled with women who had vastly different tastes, yet one wine appealed to all. Apothic grape blends seem to find a flavorful compromise.

Apothic Inferno is no different – a magical blend of red and dark berries, maple, spice, and something…mysterious. There is a familiar taste in its dry yet slightly sweet flavor – bringing two distinct profiles together. This fiery red lingers on the tongue longer, with a heated finish you may not expect if not for the name. In fact, it tastes a little like whiskey. And that, my friend, is its secret. Apothic Inferno was aged for 60 days in whiskey barrels, creating a flavor that is both enticing and unique.


I enjoyed this wine with a sharp horseradish cheddar and recommend pairing it with a fire-grilled steak, accompanied by a nice horseradish sauce. Since it is a little unrealistic to think that you’ll be cooking out under the stars on a daily basis, I have a tip for you – it tastes great with pizza too.

One last piece of advice – Apothic Inferno is a small batch limited release.  I do not expect it to stay on the shelves for long. Pull your camper over now and pick up a bottle!

For more information about Apothic Inferno, please visit the Apothic website.  You can also find Apothic on Facebook and Twitter.





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