About Julie

Julie is the writer/publisher of A Cork, Fork, & Passport, a popular online lifestyle digital magazine, now in its 11th year of publication.

Julie is an accomplished travel and lifestyle expert with over 25+ years’ experience as a corporate + luxury travel agent/meeting planner, agency owner, and travel writer.  She has extensive experience as a culinary/wine and cocktail expert and recipe developer, starting her first catering business at 17.  Julie is also an expert in social media technology, with extensive WordPress, web design, and digital marketing experience.

In addition to writing for her own publication, Julie has worked as a freelance writer for other print and online publications including the London Telegraph and Parks and Travel magazine.  Julie has been designated as a travel expert by Flipboard and was a featured speaker at the 2018 Women in Travel Summit in Quebec.  As director of The Midlife Perspective, Julie manages a wonderful group of  midlife food, travel, and lifestyle bloggers/creators.

In addition to writing, Julie is a veteran travel advisor with over 25+ years in the travel industry as a corporate and leisure agent and meeting planner.  For all your travel needs, you can find Julie at Luxe Journeys Travel.

Julie is a member of the North American Travel Journalist Association, The International Travel Writers Alliance, and The American Society of Travel Advisors. Julie’s travel writing profile can be viewed on TravMedia.

Julie is a wife, mother, and doxie lover. Born in Pennsylvania and raised in upstate New York,  she and her husband are now empty nesters in Arizona, with a son away at college.   One of Julie’s favorite websites is her son (Nick’s) fictional fantasy and science fiction serial site, Cohnquest.com

When not working, Julie enjoys cooking, reading, hiking, skiing, and photography,

Thank you for visiting and enoy A Cork, Fork, & Passport!

You can reach Julie at [email protected]


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