Five Gourmet Food Gift Ideas for 2015

written by Julie Cohn

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Five Gourmet Food Gift Ideas 2015

Need a unique idea or two for holiday giving?  Gourmet food is something everyone can enjoy, even those who are hard to shop for, as you can find something to fit each person’s individual taste.  Here are Five Gourmet Food Gift Ideas for 2015!

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2015 Gourmet Food Gift Ideas


Moonstruck Chocolates Distillers Collection

Photo courtesy of Moonstruck Chocolate Co.

Photo courtesy of Moonstruck Chocolate Co.

Moonstruck chocolates are like a little bite of heaven in your mouth.  Each chocolate truffle is handcrafted by Chef Julian Rose (one of the best chocolatiers in North America) so each piece is not only delicious but beautifully made.  This collection takes the best of Oregon’s craft distilleries and turns them into unique truffles with flavors like ginger liqueur, pear brandy, and limoncello.   This nine-piece collection retails for approximately $20.00. (Must be 21+ to order)


Avocare Avocado Oils Flight Box


Avocado has a high flash point (about 450 °F ), making it the perfect kitchen side kick for every gourmet chef.  This Avocare flight box is the finest quality virgin avocado oil in four exclusive flavors, natural, chipotle, basil, and garlic, so you can use it in any type of healthy cooking!  The five-bottle flight box (the four flavors plus an extra bottle of natural) retails for approximately $39.99.


Stumptown Coffee

Photo courtesy Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Photo courtesy Stumptown Coffee Roasters


If you truly care about the coffee lovers in your life, you will get them coffee from Portland-based Stumptown Coffee Roasters.  Stumptown makes the best (hands-down) coffee you will ever have.  The beans are roasted to smoky perfection, so your coffee is smooth, clean, and so flavorful.  Honest, your family and friends will love you for life.   This Stumptown Blend Trio, with three 1/2 pound bags of Hair Bender, Holler Mountain, and House Blend retails for $35.00.


Butcher’s Bunches Jams

Butchers Bunches Jams

Photo courtesy of Butcher’s Bunches

Remember when your grandmother made homemade jam,  and you drizzled it over warm biscuits with butter?  Yeah, me too.  Butcher’s Jams handcrafted jams made from fresh fruit, vegetables, and bacon are not your grandmother’s jams, they are even better! With jam flavors like like Carrot Cake, Spicy Chocolate Bacon, and Bootylicious (Sweet Chocolate Cherry) you’ll never get bored.  Oh my!  Get a six-jar Jam Taster gift set for $19.99.  The six-month Jam on the Month retails for $250.00 or get a 12-month kit for $500.00.


Bellocq Tea Atelier

Bellocq ChaiCollection

Photo courtesy of Bellocq Atelier

This time of year, a warm cup of tea is most welcome. Bellocq teas, blended with organic spices and teas from around the world, makes the perfect cup.   This chai gift set includes a black and a rooibos chai blend and retails for $75.00 or get a Bellocq Pure Tea collection for $32.00.

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