Flipboard Tips for Bloggers

by Julie Cohn

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The Flipboard app is quickly emerging as one of the best new social media aggregation tools, with beautifully curated magazines for travel, food, politics, home design, and more.  Some may disregard Flipboard as just another social media “fad” not worth their time, but don’t tell that to the social media influencers who have implemented Flipboard into their social media routine; for them, Flipboard is an essential tool.  If you are ready to add Flipboard to your social media presence, here are a few Flipboard Tips for Bloggers, with information on how to get started, find followers, and to get the most out of Flipboard…including crazy new traffic.

Flipboard Tips for Bloggers


Set Up An Account

  1. Set up a username so it will be easy for others to find you.
  2. Set up your profile.  You can access your profile by clicking on the circle in the top right corner.  This will take you to your home page.
  3. Just below the magnifying glass in the top right corner you will see your drop-down menu. Click the down arrow and then settings.
  4. Check your public profile to make certain everything looks good.
  5. Make sure you set Flipboard up on your phone too, as there is an app for Apple and Android. Use the same account for desktop and the app.

Creating Magazines

  1. Click on the grey box for Create a magazine.
  2. Add a title and description and decide if you want it to be a public magazine or private (If you want the content seen, keep it public).
  3. Make the magazine title clear and catchy.  Make magazine description detailed.
  4. To edit a magazine, click on a magazine, click edit, then update information and to check analytics.
  5. You can choose your magazine cover by placing the mouse over the current photo while in edit.  Click on update cover and choose a specific photo or let it auto update as you add content to the magazine.
  6. You can make a group collaborative magazine by going to edit, click on members, and cut and paste the link provided.


Time to Flip!

  • To find content to flip, go to the search magnifying glass and type in a subject you would like to research.   You will find people to follow, topics to add to your collection, and magazines with content you can flip into your own magazines.
  • To flip something into one of your own magazines, find an article you are interested in, then hover your mouse over the main photo.  A red + will show up at the top right corner of that article.  Click it and then flip it into your appropriate magazine.  The more you flip, the more your own content will get flipped.
  • Go to https://about.flipboard.com/tools/ to find a bookmarklet that you can add to your browser to easily flip something from outside Flipboard into Flipboard.  (It only works with Firefox and Chrome browsers)
  • Comment on other people’s flips to get more views on your own content.
  • Use the Flipboard mobile App when you have a few free minutes to look at Smart magazine suggestions and flip more content.
  • You can also add a link to your favorite magazine as a widget on your website. Find the code in  https://about.flipboard.com/tools/

Find & Get Followers

  • If you have blogger/social media friends you follow on other channels, look for them on Flipboard and follow their boards.
  • Like other people’s magazines and follow them on Flipboard.
  • Promote your Flipboard content on Facebook and Twitter to get new followers.
  • Share other people’s Flipboard content on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Comment on other people’s Flipboard content.

Additional Tips

  • You can use hashtags in Flipboard, but they do not carry as much weight as Instagram or Twitter.
  • Join Flipboard groups or start your own group and invite other people to flip with you.
  • Use the Smart Magazines feature on the mobile app to find more content to curate.
  • Follow me on Flipboard so I can share your content!  https://flipboard.com/@CorkForkPassprt

One Last Thing:

I have been a member of Flipboard for two years, but started getting active with it about three months ago.  It is now my second largest source of referral traffic on Google Analytics, right behind Pinterest.  I can personally vouch that Flipboard is worth spending time on.  If you have any questions about Flipboard, let me know in comments below and I will try to answer.

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