Florida Eco Safaris/Forever Florida Ziplining

by Julie Cohn

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After our airboat ride and “gator “wrastling”, we hopped back on the Pegasus bus, for a short ride to Florida Eco Safari/Forever Florida Ziplining, a gorgeous eco-safari adventure smack-dab in the middle of Central Florida.

Florida Eco Safari offers awesome horseback-riding, camping and eco-safari adventures, but the highlight of our visit was the Rattlesnake zipline rollercoaster, and the Panther Pounce, a 68′ (controlled) freefall.   Talk about an adreneline rush!   Unfortunately,  I did not get to feel that rush, because I was still getting over pneumonia, and was having severe asthma problems that week, so was unable to participate.  (Remember, my nickname is “Danger Girl”, so this was so hard for me to resist, but I wanted to enjoy my weekend, not wind up in the hospital.)  Because I was not plunging or zipping, I was able to get a few great photos of my blogger friends taking their plunges!

The folks at Forever Florida were very careful about safety, and made sure everyone was harnessed up, and had head gear on correctly, even those of us not jumping/zipping.

Once the jumpers climbed to the top of the 68′ platform, all they had to do was leap…which proved to be a little more difficult than one would expect.

Just imagine…looking down from a six-story platform, just to see the word SPLAT formed in the sawdust below….would it be easy for you to jump?   (The views up here were breathtaking though!)

And yet all of the bloggers who were jumping did jump, and loved every bit of it!   I was so jealous, and almost gave in to the adrenaline!  I am so doing this next time!!

Emily from Clever Housewife

Ashley from Obsessive Mommy

Once everyone took the Panther Pounce, they headed back to the top to The Rattlesnake, a no-handbrake zipline which takes riders rolling and dipping through the trees, from a 65 foot high platform, at up to 20 miles per hour, on a 1000 foot course.  A guide is with zipliners at the start, and another at the end, ready to catch “zippers” as they come in.

A full eco-park pass is available, which includes the Rattlesnake, the Panther Pounce, Zipline Safari, the Cypress Canopy Cycle, the Peregrine Plunge, and the upcoming Swooping Crane. The eco-park pass is $135 for adults and children 10 years old and older.  (No children under 10 are permitted) To purchase an eco-park pass, advance reservations are required, so call 407-957-9794 or toll free 1-866-85-4EVER

For more information, visit the Forever Florida website.  You can also visit them on Facebook and Twitter.

(Disclosure:  I participated in a paid bloggers trip to Kissimmee, hosted by Experience Kissimmee.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.)



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