Mili La Concha: Design With Gifts From The Sea

written by Julie Cohn

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Sometimes the most beautiful gifts come unexpectedly.  Two weeks ago, my little sister got married.  Friends and family, young and old, gathered for an impromptu reunion at the wedding.   One of my moms cousins, who I had not seen in several years, was at the wedding.  We talked about her daughters, who I had fond memories of when I was younger. Through her, I reconnected with her daughter, my cousin, Kim Gordon.  Kim owns a beautiful design studio in Venice Beach, California called Kim Gordon Designs, originally Mili La Concha.  I was blown away by her incredible creations, and knew I had to share her art and designs with you!

Mili La Concha 4Kim Gordon trained as a designer in Puerto Rico under the tutelage of Puerto Rico’s most famous designer, Mili Arango.  She then moved to Los Angeles, where she worked with Mary Macdonald, Tom Beeton, and Hagy Belzberg, amongst other designers.  In 1997, she purchased the contents of a seashell store, and Mili La Concha was born.  Kim, along with her design partner, Tania, create mirrors, furniture, fireplaces, walls, bathrooms, and other items with seashells.   The result is breathtaking.

Mili La Concha 2Perusing the Mili La Concha website, I was struck by the intricate detail of Kim’s work.  Shells of various size and shape adorn a mirror.  Thousands of shells, painstakenly interlaced within one another, lay the foundation for the top of a table.  A simple sculpture is made majestic with conch and conkle shells.  A bathroom, when adorned with Kim’s designs, becomes a masterpiece.  Even Kim’s showroom is a work of art.  Her work has been featured in Elle Decor, Los Angeles Confidential, and the Los Angeles Times.

Mili La Concha 3I am so happy to be in touch with Kim again, and honored to share her creations with you.  Please take the time to view Kim’s beautiful work at Kim Gordon Designs.  If you wish to commission a project, you can contact Kim at [email protected]

Mili La Concha

*All photos are courtesy of Kim Gordon Designs *


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