Roam the World With KnowRoaming SIM Sticker

by Julie Cohn

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When I travel, I love the the convenience of using my cell phone to search for restaurants, look at Google maps, share photos on Instagram, and stay connected with my family, but when I travel internationally, I don’t have the same luxury.  International cell phone usage and roaming can be inconvenient and expensive, limiting my ability to stay connected. No more!  Now I can roam the world With KnowRoaming Sim Sticker and save money and convenience!

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A Lesson in International Cell Phone Usage

Roam the World With KnowRoaming SIM StickerOn my last international trip to England and Wales, I decided to splurge and purchase an international cell phone plan through my wireless provider so I could keep in touch with my husband in the US, as well as my son, who was in another part of Great Britain.  Even with the “deal” my cell phone company gave me, roaming charges were still expensive.  I did not have unlimited data, I had limited areas I could use my data, and the plan was difficult and confusing to use.

London 7I could have purchased a SIM card at Heathrow airport, but international SIM cards are expensive and limiting too. I paid an extra $50 to use the international data plan through my wireless carrier, yet only used it once because I was afraid of accumulating extra charges.  Instead, I had to use WiFi and a chat app to keep in touch with ,y family, but WiFi was not always available or reliable (especially in the smaller English towns), so I was not able to keep in touch as often as I would have liked.  Forget trying to find restaurants or sightseeing locations while out on the town, I had to wait for times when I had WiFi available in order to use my my cell phone, and I was forced to plan my entire schedule in advance.  My international cell phone situation was inconvenient and very frustrating.

Roam the World With KnowRoaming SIM Sticker

Roam the World With KnowRoaming SIM Sticker 1On my next international trip, I will use the KnowRoaming SIM sticker.  The SIM sticker attaches to my regular cellphone SIM card and remains inactive while I am at home, but once I travel abroad, the SIM sticker actives, connecting me to wireless networks in over 200 countries.  I get the same voice, data, and SMS (texting) service I have at home, for 85% less than international roaming costs, or I can chose the KnowRoaming offers prepaid unlimited data plan for $7.99 per day, available in over 70 countries…including the United Kingdom.  It can even be used on unlocked phones!

Roam the World With KnowRoaming SIM Sticker 2No more worrying about overage charges, out of zone charges, or time limitations.  I can use my phone as easily when I travel as I do at home, and with the free KnowRoaming app (for iPhone and Android) I can keep track of my account and track my usage in real-time. Did I mention that the service is pre-paid and my balance never expires?  The KnowRoaming SIM sticker is a must for international travelers!

KnowRoaming Sim Sticker 2

To find out how how to save money on international data and for more information, visit the KnowRoaming SIM sticker website.


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