Ten Must-Have Kitchen Tools For Holiday Cooking

by Julie Cohn

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Ten Must-Have Kitchen Tools for Holiday Cooking

Ready to step up your (cooking) game for the holidays this year?  Whether you are a seasoned chef or this is your first rodeo, this is the the perfect time to get your kitchen ready by stocking up on these ten must-have kitchen tools for holiday cooking.  Some of these tools may be familiar to you and some may look like alien technology, but I guarantee they will take you from every day cook to gourmet chef in just a few hours!

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Ten Must-Have Kitchen Tools for Holiday Cooking

  1. Mandoline

A mandoline is a sharp-edged plane for cutting fruits and vegetables very thin.  A mandoline is perfect for cutting potatoes thin for a scalloped potato dish, or apples for an apple pie. This OXO Good Grips V-Blade mandoline comes with four different style blades (which are adjustable), has a safety guard, and is dishwasher safe.  Note: A safety guard is especially important when using a mandoline, so you do not slice your finger (take my word for it). (Amazon approx. $40.00)

  1. Spring Form Pan

Making cheesecakes this holiday season?  A springform pan is an essential tool for cheesecakes, quiches, or tortes because you can pop the sides of the pan without inverting or damaging the dish.  This 3-piece Nor Pro Springform Pan set is perfect for making different size cheesecakes or chocolate tortes, and the non-stick surface is easy to clean. (Amazon approx $15.01)

  1. Immersion Blender

An immersion blender can be used to puree soups, gravies, and other liquids without putting them into a food processor or blender.  This Cuisinart Smart Stick has two speeds, and comes with a whisk attachment and a chopper/grinder attachment.  I have owned a Cuisinart Smart Stick for 12 years and it is a beast! (Amazon approx $52.37)

  1. Vegetable Spiralizer

This is one tool you’ll never know you needed until you own one, and then it will become indispensable.  A vegetable spiralizer takes carrots, zucchini, and other vegetables and fruits and turns them into long spaghetti-like strands.  Just think of the possibilities–an apple dessert pasta or a zucchini noodle au gratin!  This Twist ‘N Slice Spiralizer comes with a two blade sizes and a cleaning brush for easy cleanup. (Amazon approx $9.95)

5.  Herb Shears

Herbs shears are perfect for cutting fresh herbs into your best holiday dishes.  Fresh sage takes Thanksgiving stuffing to a whole new level, and fresh mint adds just the right zing to holiday salads.  These RSVP herb shears have five blades for easy snipping, and the shears are dishwasher safe. (Amazon approx $9.95)

  1. Meat Thermometer

Remember that scene in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, when the turkey got overcooked and explodes into nothingness?  Don’t let that happen to you (also, don’t put cat food in the jello salad).  A quality meat thermometer is essential for holiday roasting, and you can be confident your turkey and roasts will be cooked just right with this Polder meat thermometer with probe. (Amazon approx. $19.99)

  1. Roasting Pan

This Calphalon roasting pan is the king of all pans!  The stainless steel outer shell and aluminum core cook meats evenly and can hold up to a 25 pound turkey.  I love the large side handles, plus it comes with a non-stick rack for holding a turkey or roast, is durable, and is dishwasher safe! (Amazon approx $128.00)

8.  Gravy Separator

The secret to perfect gravy is a precise combination of flour, liquid, and fat, but no one likes greasy gravy, so a gravy separator is an invaluable tool.  This OXO Good Grips separator is large enough to hold four cups of gravy, with a strainer to catch large bits of meat and spices. (Amazon approx. $14.95)

9.  Cookie Press

Become a wiz at making spritz and other cookies with this Wilton Cookie Master Pro cookie press.  The press is battery operated, so is easy to use, and with twelve different disk shapes and four decorating tips, you can use this press for both making and decorating cookies. (Amazon approx. $27.50)

10. Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Despite being great at drinking wine, I struggle at opening wine bottles, but this Oster electric wine bottle opener makes opening bottles a piece of cake. This handy-dandy gadget cleanly removes the cork, then sets on the recharging base (like a soldier at attention) waiting for the next bottle of wine…and you know when you have lots of family and friends around, there will definitely be another bottle of wine! (Amazon approx. $19.95)

What kitchen tools can you not live without at the holidays?

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