Ten Twitter Hacks For Bloggers

by Julie Cohn

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Ten Twitter Hacks For Bloggers

Most likely you have a Twitter account for your blog, but are you getting the most out of Twitter?  With over 316 million users per month and 500 million tweets sent per day, Twitter is one of the most used social media tools, so it’s important tool for bloggers. Here are Ten Twitter Hacks for Bloggers, to use Twitter more effectively, establish more meaningful blogger connections, and increase your follower base!

Follow Etiquette

1. Be Nice When People Follow You: When people follow you and you find people to follow, don’t immediately spam them.  Get to know them, re-tweet their content, and comment (respectfully) on their tweets.

2. Don’t Auto DM: When Someone follows you, don’t use an automatic DM, asking them to follow you, buy your e-book etc.  It establishes you as a spammer, not a professional.

3. Follow People Who Follow You and Share Your Interests.  If you have 10,000 followers but are only following 100 people, you are forgetting the rules of social media.  You don’t have to follow everyone who follows you, but if you have similar interests and/or they are a blog colleague, follow them back.  Remember, this is Social Media! With that being said, if a person is following you with 100 followers, yet is following 10,000,  take time to check them out and make sure they are legit.


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Twitter Lists

One of the best tools on Twitter is the ability to create and follow lists.  Lists can be used to connect with existing contacts, establish new contacts, manage projects, and make Twitter more efficient.  Here are some tips to get the most out of the List feature.

4. Follow Like-Minded Interests:  Want to follow people who like #wienerdogs, drink #wine, or are #Disney fanatics?  Use hashtags to find your peeps, then create a list so you can interact with them.

5. Find out Whose Lists You Are On:   Go to main profile —> Lists —> Member Of to see who has you on their lists.  Why is this important?  You can connect with other like-minded bloggers, see how influential you are, and see who is “stalking” you (which is not always a good thing if they are a spammer).

6. Want off someone’s list?  To remove yourself from a list  go to main profile —>Lists —> Member Of —> then click on the name of the author of the list.  On the little cog wheel next to the follow button, then click block.  This will block the person from your page and remove you from their list.  If you want off their list, don’t want to block them, click block then unblock.  It will remove you from the list but keep them unblocked.

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Optimize With Tools

You are busy and don’t have time to spend all day on Twitter, so these some of my favorite tools to lighten the load.  Spend 20 minutes, once a month taking out the trash (spammers) and optimizing your site, and you will see a big difference in the quality of your Twitter account!  Get rid of the rich quick schemers, follow 1000 people for $1.99 tweeters, and the crazies spouting political or religious rhetoric.  People are so concerned about their “numbers” that they allow anyone to follow them, but this is not the smartest move.  When you take the time to optimize your content and followers, brands and people of influence take notice, increasing your credibility.  These tools can help clean up your account,  schedule tweets, find people to follow, and more.  Here are five tools to help you keep your Twitter “house” organized and tidy:

7. Crowdfire:  Crowdfire is a desktop (and mobile) tool that scans your Twitter (and Instagram) accounts, letting you who is following, not following, unfollowing, etc.  One of my features within Crowdfire is the inactive following tool.  If someone has not posted to Twitter longer than six months, they are most likely inactive, and you should clear them out.

8. Triberr:  I have mentioned before how much I love Triberr, and if you are a blogger, you must have an account!  Join “tribes” with like-minded people to share each others blog content out and find new people to follow.  Triberr will increase your reach significantly, but you have to play nice and share everyone’s content too, in order for Triberr to work effectively.


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Other Things to Know

9. Twitter Card Validation: Images are a powerful tool on Twitter.  Did you know that if your tweet includes a photo, it is 50% more likely to get clicked or re-tweeted?  Do you know how to set up your account for images?   Follow these tips from Ellen at Ellen Blogs to enable Twitter images for your site.

10. Show Everyone The Real You: When you engage (and you must engage on Twitter!) show your personality.  Are you funny, inspirational, or a deep thinker?  Show people who you are, and find people who share your thoughts and dreams.  Sounds sappy, but it makes Twitter so much more fun!


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1 comment

Nicole Brady 09/18/2015 at 7:23 am

Great tips. I joined Triberr when it first came out and it was a nightmare. I recently became reacquainted with it and have loved utilizing it. Not only so other people can share my content but so I have cool content to share on my own Twitter feed. Each share links to the blog post as well as the Twitter handle for the person who owns the content. It’s totally win/win/win. Win for me (others sharing my content), win for others (I’m sharing their content) and win for our followers (they find new content and new Twitter profiles to follow).

On a side note, every time I see someone share the link to Ellen’s Twitter card tutorial (and I’ve seen it shared a LOT), I cringe. I’m the one who taught her to do it, but I never considered creating a tutorial. It’s an ongoing reminder to me about the value of the things we know and who/how we choose to share those ideas. #YouSnoozeYouLose. #ISnoozed. 🙁


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