Tricks & Treats at The Noftsger Hill Inn

by Julie Cohn
Noftsger Hill Inn37

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When my friend and fall road trip traveling partner (Deb) mentioned we would be spending the night at a haunted bed and breakfast, I was apprehensive and skeptical.  Deb was the paranormal expert, not me.  I’d stayed at a few reputed “haunted” hotels in the past (without incident), but did not relish staying overnight at what was rumored to be one of the most haunted hotels in Arizona.  Still, The Noftsger Hill Inn, a historic bed and breakfast in Globe, Arizona, has an fascinating history as a former elementary school, so I decided to set aside my skepticism and embrace the unique experience that was The Noftsger Hill Inn.  To my surprise, I had a lovely stay with the perfect balance of tricks and treats.

{I was hosted by the Noftsger Hill Inn but opinions are my own.}


Noftsger Hill Inn4

Noftsger Hill Inn

On a hilltop overlooking the old copper mining town of Globe, with views of the Pinal Mountains in the distance, stands the regal Noftsger Hill Inn.  Built in 1907, the classical revival-designed Noftsger Hill Inn operated as Noftsger Hill Elementary school from 1907 until 1981.  Many of Globe’s original residents graced its hallways at one time or another, including the first female governor of Arizona, Rose Mofford.  Rosalie and Dom Ayala purchased the property in 2001 and lovingly restored it to its original grandeur, retaining many of the original elements of the elementary school throughout the inn, including old wooden desks and furniture, classroom props, and even long wooden chalkboards in all the bedrooms.

The Noftsger Hill Inn15

The Noftsger Hill Inn5

The Noftsger Hill Inn13

The Inn

Arriving at the inn, we parked in a small rear parking area and rang a bell at the rear entrance, where we were greeted by Rosalie herself.  We entered into a long hall/seating area, with sofas, lounge chairs, a fireplace, piano, antiques, and elementary school memorabilia.  In addition to the lounge area, the inn has a kitchen area where Rosalie prepares breakfast, a dining room with seating for about eight, an upstairs seating area, and six suite-style bedrooms, five of which are available for guests.  Rosalie and Dom live on-site in the sixth bedroom.

Noftsger Hill Inn18

The Noftsger Hill Inn19

The Rooms

After a short tour, Rosalie led us to room #3, one of three bedrooms on the ground floor.  The room, as with most rooms at the Noftsger Hill Inn was incredibly spacious–our room was a 900 square foot suite-style room with two queen beds, a twin bed, and a large seating area. A former coatroom was converted to a bathroom inside the suite, with old-fashioned claw foot tub, toilet, and sink.  The towel hooks are the original children’s coat hooks.  Each room had it’s own unique decorative theme, including traditional romantic and whimsical.

Noftsger Hill Inn36

The Noftsger Hill Inn26

The Noftsger Hill Inn28

Noftsger Hill Inn34

Noftsger Hill Inn30

Noftsger Hill Inn25

Noftsger Hill Inn22

One of the cutest themes was the Wild West-style room, with cowboy accents in the bedroom and accompanying bathroom, perfect for a child.  All the rooms except the Wild West room are large enough to sleep 3-4 people, and all rooms except one have a bathroom en suite.  Did I mention how large the rooms are?!

The Tricks

We arrived at the inn at twilight, and the vast main hall had its share of dark corners to trick the eye.  As we settled in, we discovered our room, #3, was supposedly the center of most of the paranormal activity at Noftsger Hill Inn.  Intrigued, we asked Rosalie about the rumors.  She explained that although there was no tragedy that occurred at the former school, she had heard rumors of tunnels under the school that led from the Old Dominion mine to Globe, and perhaps a tragedy had occurred there.  When we inquired further, Rosalie coyly demurred, stating she would talk to us about our “experience” the next morning.  She referred us to several books on a table in the lounge area that dealt with the subject of haunted hotels in Arizona, all of which included a section on the Noftsger Hill Inn.

Noftsger Hill Inn33

Noftsger Hill Inn38

Deb was excited to come face-to-face with an apparition or two; I was not as enthusiastic.  I kept my eyes and ears open for anything unusual.  Creaky wooden floors, eclectic decor, large windows that faced out onto a pitch black night, and large center chandelier that cast shadows into every corner added to the eerie feeling of the room.  I went out to the main hall to clear my head and look at the vast collection of memorabilia, including one-of-a-kind keepsakes donated by Rose Mofford’s estate.  Vintage photos on the wall included several early twentieth century Noftsger Hill elementary school classes.

The Noftsger Hill Inn16

The Noftsger Hill Inn6

The Noftsger Hill Inn12

My eyes drifted to the haunted Arizona books on the table.  Settling into one of the comfy lounge chairs, I decided to tackle my fears once and for all, reading several firsthand accounts of the “ghostly experiences” at The Noftsger Hill Inn.  Ironically, the more I read, the more at peace I became.  Though several people had “experiences” at the inn over the years, no one had “disturbing” or uncomfortable experiences, so whatever ghosts called Noftsger HIll Inn home must be friendly….right?  The Noftsger Hill Inn had it’s very own Casper!  I went to bed that night comforted that even if I saw or heard something, it would not be anything sinister.

Noftsger Hill Inn7

Despite my apprehension, the beds were luxuriously comfortable, so I settled into pleasant dreams, and the only thing that “haunted” me was the enticing smell of bacon and coffee the next morning.  I’d love to be able to tell you I met The Noftsger Hill Inn’s Casper while staying at the inn, but sadly I did not.  We heard and saw a few odd things, but nothing too unusual.  I’m going to have to make a return visit and be more welcoming to the ghostly hosts.

The Treats

Each night’s stay includes a homemade breakfast prepared by Rosalie.  Fresh coffee, orange juice, and water awaited us at the table, and as we sat, we conversed with a couple who stayed in the room next to us. Rosalie brought each of us breakfast parfaits made with yogurt, spiced pears (from her garden), and granola.  A few minutes later, she followed with steaming plates of egg frittata, (chock full of potatoes, peppers, and cheese), crispy bacon slices, and toasted homemade raisin bread.  Breakfast was delicious and so plentiful, I could not finish my plate.

The Noftsger Hill Inn20

The Noftsger Hill Inn21

The bed and breakfast has a refrigerator just off the main hall, where guests can help themselves to bottled water and soda.  Baskets of fresh apples and pears sat near the back door for guests to grab on their way in or out, as well as a container of cookies.  A variety of board games and cards is available for guests to use, including several family-friendly games.

The Noftsger Hill Inn14

Despite the rumors that The Noftsger Hill Inn is haunted, the basic fact remains that Rosalie and Dom have lived here for almost twenty years and have put great care into preserving the history of the building and creating a unique experience for guests.  Don’t let the spooky stories scary you away, the Noftsger Hill Inn is a lovely and romantic bed and breakfast with a fascinating history.

Hint:  The Noftsger Hill Inn is the perfect place for a romantic Halloween escape.  Phoenix is only 90 minutes away!


  • Go to Noftsger Hill Inn with an open mind.  You may or may not have an ghostly experience during your stay, but you will enjoy nice accommodations with clean rooms and comfortable bedding.
  • Let Rosalie know of any food allergies or preferences before arriving at The Noftsger Hill Inn.  She is very gracious about accommodating food requests.
  • Many of the restaurants and shops close early in Globe and are closed on Mondays, so scope out dinner options in advance or ask Rosalie for recommendations.
  • A 50% deposit is required for all reservations and they have a strict cancellation policy.
  • Rates are $90.00 – $150.00 per night depending on season and room type.
  • For a beautiful scenic drive from Phoenix, take the Apache trail on Rt. 88 from Apache Junction to Globe.  Note: Twenty-two miles of this road are a one-lane narrow dirt road, winding through the mountains, so I would only recommend driving it during the day.

For more information about the Noftsger Hill Inn, please visit their website.


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Tam Warner Minton 10/17/2017 at 6:29 pm

II love haunted places! Too bad no ghostie came to float!

Rhonda Albom 10/17/2017 at 8:35 pm

I’m not a fan of haunted places, but my daughter seems to revel in getting spooked. Good thing you didn’t get disturbed overnight. I think my favourite thing that the owners restored is the chalkboard. I’m guessing the writing on it though is from guests, not former schoolchildren. And wow that breakfast sounds tasty!

Julie Cohn 10/17/2017 at 8:52 pm

Rhonda, The names on the chalkboard are guests, many of them former students. It was fascinating to see all the places visitors came from and for the former students, what year they graduated!

Tonya 10/18/2017 at 1:38 am

II’m not a fan of haunted places so I prefer to convince myself they are simply “historic” properties. 🙂 I’ve stayed at several and I’ve not been disappointed by the lack of paranormal activity. The Noftsger Hill Inn looks and sounds absolutely charming and that breakfast looked mouthwatering. I’m keeping this property in mind when my husband and I travel through Arizona this winter.

Julie Cohn 10/18/2017 at 3:51 am

You will love it Tonya! Keep an eye on the weather reports though–Globe does sometimes get snow in the winter!

Tami 10/18/2017 at 8:59 pm

It is such a clever idea to turn an old schoolhouse into an inn. I love the idea of having large classrooms for the room and seeing old student desks and antiques everywhere! I thought the decor was lovely, and I’m sure you had a great visit! I’m anxious to follow your travels to “haunted” sites to see if you have any paranormal experiences!

Julie Cohn 10/18/2017 at 9:21 pm

Thank you Tami!

Leigh Powell Hines (@Hinessightblog) 10/18/2017 at 10:44 pm

IIt looks like it has had lots of love and care. Your story was spooky though. I don’t know if could have been as brave as you.

erinklema 10/19/2017 at 12:41 pm

What a fun place to stay! Paranormal activity creeps me out a bit, but it sounds like your experience was full of more treats than tricks. The breakfast in the morning looks delicious. I’d definitely stay here if I visit this part of Arizona someday.

lakesandlattes 10/21/2017 at 3:21 pm

How fun! I love haunted spots…perfect for the season!


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