The Wanderlust Bug

by Julie Cohn

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The Wanderlust Bug

I cannot resist a great family road trip.

The moment I get behind the wheel, something wonderful happens.  The wanderlust bug bites. As the road stretches out in front of me, beckoning me on, a feeling of content wanderlust fills my soul.  I’ve dragged my (poor) son (and sometimes the dog too) all over the United States, exploring the many towns, cities, and “off-the-beaten path” destinations that make up the unique landscape of our country.  Part of that passion for the road trip involves the kitschy roadside attractions along our path.  I (want to) stop for every one of them…much to my family’s amusement and sometimes frustration. I am a modern-day Clark W. Griswald, always in search of the “largest ball of twine” or the “largest artichoke in the world” that make up the colored tapestry of Americana.

The Wanderlust Bug 3

The lure of a road trip is built into my DNA–a nostalgic throwback to the road trips of my youth, which always involved classic 60’s & 70’s music, lots of Twizzlers and peanuts (probably why I still like to eat them together), and raucous car games.  A road trip was one of the few times our family was all together; even the backseat bickering with my brother and sister bring back fond memories.  I think (hope) I have passed the love of a good trip onto my son-his exclamation of “that was the best trip ever” rings in my ears well after each completed journey.  I hope even more that, through my example, he has been bitten by the wanderlust bug too.

The Wanderlust Bug 2

Until my late teens, I had no interest in any other type of travel, but college changed all that.  As I learned more about the world around me, the more I wanted to know.  By the time I went to work as a travel agent, the wanderlust bug had bitten and bitten hard.  Each time I’ve had the opportunity to travel, I’ve relished each new opportunity to see, hear, smell, taste, and feel the world.

I don’t know about you, but I am inspired to travel more when I see the gorgeous photos of family and friends traveling, especially the photos on Instagram.  I love my Instagram feed and my traveler friends who share small intimate moments of their travels, as well as the big life-changing experiences.  Each new photo brings forth that wanderlust, beckoning me to my next adventure.

I am part of a group of travel writers and bloggers who come together for Instagram Travel Thursday, sharing snapshots of our travels on Instagram, as part of Skimbaco Lifestyle.  Once a month, we also share our travel stories as part of the #IGTravelThursday community, which you can read below. Do you have a travel story to share with our group?  If so. link to it below, then be sure to share a photo on Instagram, using the #IGTravelThursday hashtag.  Happy travels!

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Shobha 11/09/2015 at 2:03 am

I love road trips too! and, yes, its definitely a hold over from my childhood. The USA is perfect road trip country and gas was cheap back then! I recreate it now for my kids even though gas is no longer so cheap.


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