Vivino Wine App Takes the Guesswork Out of Choosing Wine

by Julie Cohn

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Vivino Wine App

Have you ever walked into a wine shop, took one look at the rows of wine bottles and become overwhelmed?  Or maybe you ordered a nice bottle of wine at a restaurant, but when you went to look for it later, you couldn’t remember the name of the wine? Almost 35 billion bottles of wine are sold worldwide every year, so it is understandable that most people would have a difficult time finding the right wine.  Fortunately, there is an app to make wine selection easier.  Vivino Wine App take the guesswork out of choosing wine, so you get a perfect wine, every time.

{This post is sponsored by Vivino, but my opinions are 100% my own}

Vivino Wine App

Vivino 1

Vivino wine app is designed to make wine shopping easy.  Unsure about a bottle of wine at the grocery store?  Use the scanner to scan the label, then Vivino will give you average review and price.  Find a wine you really like?  Scan the label and add your own review.  You can use Vivino to find friends and see their ratings, or read recommendations from wine experts all over the world.  Over 10 million people have downloaded the app, so you can be assured that you will find reviews from every day wine drinkers and wine connoisseurs.

Vivino 2

I downloaded the Vivino app on my iPhone and found it very easy to use.  I have a favorite bottle of wine at home that I scanned into the app, and it gave me information on the average rating and price.  The app told me the region the wine comes from, where to buy a bottle, and how it is ranked globally.  I envision using Vivino when I try a good bottle at a friends house or restaurant, so I can buy it later.

Vivino Fathers Day quiz

To celebrate celebrate Father’s Day, Vivino has a fun quiz to find the perfect wine for Dad.  Go to the Father’s Day Vivino quiz, answer the questions, and Vivino will recommend a type and specific wines for Dad.  I did it for my husband, and it recommended Cabernet Sauvignon.  He does like Cabs!

Vivino Dad quiz

Vivino wine app is available for iOS and Android devices.  For more information, visit the Vivino website.  You can also find Vivino on Facebook and Twitter.

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Mary Frances 06/18/2015 at 8:04 am

I love it! What a fun little app.


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